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Sleek Arcade Machine Design 2 Players | Retro Video Game Upright Arcade Cabinet Design for 32" Monitor | Wood Arcade Machine | Digital Plans

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Hi and welcome to retroarcadesolutions.com.au

This is our latest design 2 player upright arcade cabinet kit.

This kit features a 2 player control panel layout and is compatible with monitors up to 32" and the included VESA mount is adjustable, so customers can choose to either mount a 4:3 (square) or 16:9 (widescreen) monitor.

The control panel button holes are 28mm in diameter, so most standard size 28mm arcade buttons are suitable for mounting,

The base of the cabinet is designed so you can fit castors underneath for easy moving if you so require.

The joystick holes are also designed fora Zippyy and Sanwa joystick.

This 2 player upright arcade design, is only the design, not a physical product.

You will receive all the DXF and pdf files, so you can either cut these plans on a cnc machine, or manually with tools.

Note: This is a digital file only, that includes all the dxf files to cut all the parts with a cnc machine. This is not a flat pack.
These plans are designed for 3/4" material. We can also provide 18mm and 16mm material. Please message us if you want a different size.
If you purchase the one size, you will need to purchase any additional sizes that you need, so please choose carefully.

Approx. Dimensions 600mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 1700mm (H)