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Sonicon Preloaded RetroPie Batocera Emulator MicroSD Card w/DC/PS1/NES/SNES/Sega/GB/Atari/Arcade/N64/Mame for Raspberry Pi4/4B+/400 (512GB(Greatest-Hits Collection), for Raspberry Pi 4/4b+/400)

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Brand: Sonicon
Model name: Raspberry Pi 4, 4B+, 400
Flash memory type: Micro SD
Memory storage capacity: 512 GB
Compatible devices: Gaming Console

Handpicked and Configured - We Spend Hundreds of Hours Sorting Out Greatest-Hits by the Sales/Rating Data on Main Retro-Gaming Websites to Bring the Best Gaming Quality. Plug and Play for Raspberry Pi, Turn the Pi into An Ultimate Retro Gaming Console.
All in One, Insane Collection - 60+ Systems Are Included, Installed, and Tested, All the Pre-90s Systems Have Full Game Library Loaded; While the Disc-based ROMs are Meticulously Sorted and Only the Top Hits are Selected. Best Performance and Compatibility are Ensured. Insane Amount of 22K+ Games w/ Considerate Collection Folders like 4 Players, Light Gun, Arcade, GB 2 Players, Favorites, Last Played, etc.
Customized Retro Look - Specially Designed Packaging and Micro-SD Card Printing in Retropie Theme. With That Distinctive Design You Will Never Confuse It with Other Ordinary SD Cards.
Disc-Based Games Optimized - We Have Optimized All the Disc-Based Systems Such as Dreamcast, PlayStation, 3DO, PSP, etc, and Consolidated the Multi-Disc Games. You Can Enjoy a Relaxed Gaming Experience Without Being Haunted by Disc Swapping.
All Medias - Collection of Every Game's Boxart, Wheel, Screenshot, Video, Rating, Fanart, Map, and Even Manual..User-Friendly & Feature-Rich - No Command line or Configuration Needed, Auto Save/Load w/ Snapshot, Viewing Game Manual, Media-Rich Game Lists, Easy Filtering and Searching in Vast Game Lists, Screenshot and Recording, AI Translation for Foreign Games, Supports SNES Retropad, Xbox and PlayStation Controllers Out of the Box..